Quietly nestled in the woods, Basilicata’s mountain is dotted with charming, storybook villages, hidden away from the rest of the world alongside Italian cuisine’s most traditional dishes.

Savoury, fermented foods, amazing wines and age-old Italian recipes, all passed down through generations and untouched by the modern world.

Embedded between Calabria and Apulia is the city of Matera, an ancient settlement also known as the "Sassi", a World Heritage Site and a place of pure history and beauty.

Sit down for a meal and you will be showered with delicious, traditional food such as homemade durum wheat pasta, lamb dishes, spicy sausages, panella bread and lampaggioni salad. And to drink? A cornucopia of extraordinary wines, primarily produced with the region’s Aglianico grapes, or with Malvasia Bianca di Basilicata or Matera.

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