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Soft hills, warm colours and boundless vineyards limited only by the rise of the mighty Alps. This is Veneto, the Italian Region where Soave-wine is one of the undisputed kings. The vine-clad hills of Soave have been recognised as a big part of Italy’s historical and rural heritage, and the vineyards are the largest and oldest specialised area in Veneto. This Veronese D.O.C. was the first Italian wine to be given an award by the National Observatory for the Rural Landscape and Traditional Agricultural Practices and Lore, set up by the Ministry of Agriculture.

With their farm located in the hilly hamlet of Brognoligo, Le Battistelle's wines are from the heart of Soave. After years of selling their grapes to a local wine cooperative, in 2002 the family decided to start making their own traditional, artisanal wine.

They grow 9 hectares of vineyard on their farm, which is situated on volcanic soil, providing a prime location for growing Garganega grapes, an ideal setting and climate which cannot be replicated elsewhere. These unique conditions give their wine an elegant structure with well balanced acidity and minerality.

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