Name any traditional Italian food and we can bet that it comes from Tuscany. The only problem with such a deliciously famous menu... is to decide what to eat first. A classic Tuscan food journey would begin with Crostini (crusted bread) topped with truffle creams or chicken liver sauce. Traditional salami like Finocchiona (fennel flavoured) and Lardo di Colonnata (pork lard cured in local marble) are also extremely popular, followed by one of the most popular dishes in Tuscany, a Ribollita (made from black cabbage, beans, onions and carrots).

The most traditional of Tuscans wouldn’t miss a spoonful of Pappa al Pomodoro (soup made with tomatoes, Tuscan bread, garlic and basil) or Caciucco (tomato and fish soup). And when you feel like you’re fit to burst, it’s time to invite one of the real key players to your table: a large, juicy Bistecca alla Fiorentina (a big T-bone steak from Florentine). No recipe required, just the right meat and the right cut.

Tuscany’s wines need no introduction; Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti, Vernaccia or San Giovese show the region’s strong heritage in Italian gastronomy. In fact, the wine culture is so strong that each meal in your Tuscan food journey can be paired with the perfect wine, even dessert, when Vin Santo and Cantucci will be in the spotlight.

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