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Their origin lies where all great ideas begin: the pub. In a small village near Bergamo, founders Antonio and Valentina, who already owned the Clock Tower pub, embraced their passion for craft beers even further and went around the world collecting hundreds of different labels. 

One day, Antonio decided that rather than trying to discover the best beer ever, he’d make it himself. Sixteen years later, and Antonio has found that the key to a great product is pure, carefully selected ingredients, physical work (thanks to natural brewing methods) and lots of passion. In their quest for natural, independent produce, Elav Brewery also have their own agricultural society, even using water from a small village. As with most things in life – the more pure and natural, the better!

Elav Brewery were also awarded the Bellavita Platinum Award at the Amsterdam 2015 Expo after being judged by a panel of 200 experts.

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