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The Fraccaro’s history was born between the marvelous venetian lands, from centuries of enterprise, beauty and nobility.The base ingredient of this success lies in the skilful and accurate processing of cake mixtures and the recipes used. This passion has been kept alive to this day: the Fraccaro products are still made using artisan methods in this small family business, with the same aromas and atmosphere of eighty six years ago.

Pasticceria Fraccaro BIO is a line of products made of completely natural, organic and pesticide-free raw materials, sourdough , no coloring agents and preservatives used. They prefer milled flours on small stone mills as they maintain their nutritional qualities and guarantee a higher percentage of fibers, mineral salts, vitamins and wheat germ. The eggs come from farms where the hens are raised outdoors and are fed exclusively with feed from organic farming. The butter used is produced by hand, without adding preservatives and dyes but rich in beneficial lactic ferments and active ingredients. The same attention is placed in the selection of candied fruit, sultanas, barley malt, cane sugar, agave syrup and natural flavors all strictly from organic farming.

Fraccaro’s special ingredient is sourdough starter, the most precious ingredient since 1932. Sourdough starter is a mixture of flour and water in which the micro-organisms live and reproduce, which feed on the sugars contained in the flour to produce carbon dioxide. This fermentation process makes the dough rise and gives it other superior qualities: it maintains its organoleptic qualities such as fragrance and flavour over time, makes it naturally soft and very easy to digest. This process has been forgotten by modern industry because it requires attention and takes time, in addition to the constant care of the original starter. Fraccaro on the other hand has cherished this heritage and every day renews its passion for tradition and quality.

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