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Chardonnay "Puglia" Tormaresca IGT 2018 (75cl) - Antinori


It is made of 100% Chardonnay grapes selected within the Maìme estate in the town of San Pietro Vernotico, in the Brindisi province (Apulia).

Light yellow in colour with greenish highlights. Fruity on the nose with notes of apples and citrus fruit rind, delicately floral with notes of acacia flowers and hawthorn. The palate is fresh and fruity, with some light, balancing balsamic notes.

Best paired with fish, clams, mussels, branzino, vegetables, white meat.

Ingredients: 100% Chardonnay. IT MAY CONTAIN SULPHITES. Abv 12.5%

Vernaccia di San Gimignano Isola Bianca 2018 (75cl) - Teruzzi & Puthod


A perfect blend of Teruzzi’s vines, with grapes from both the Racciano and Ponte Rondolino locations. The wine is aged exclusively in stainless steel barrels. Balanced, with elegant tones, this wine has fruited and mineral notes typical of this variety. The taste is pleasant and complex, with an excellent balance between acidity, structure and intensity, and in which floral and citrus notes alternate. An almond aftertaste gives this wine a slightly bitter finish. 

Silenzi Bianco 2018 (75 cl) - Pala


Silenzi Bianco is a white wine by Pala. It displays straw color with greenish reflections, medium intensity taste, lingering with floral and fruity notes.

It matches with fish starters, main courses and fish in general. Serve at 10/12° C.

Pinot Bianco (75cl) 2018 - Tenuta J. Hofstätter


Pinot Bianco of Tenuta J. Hofstätter displays a straw-yellow color, a fresh peach aroma combined with apple and pear, an elegant and zesty taste on the palate. It is harmonious in structure, round with masses of finesse and a hint of nut on the finish.

It combines perfectly with appetizers and fish dishes!

Impero Blanc de Pinot Noir (75cl) 2018 - Fattoria Mancini


IMPERO Blanc de Pinot Noir is the result of more than forty years of experience in the production of a still white vinification of Pinot Noir and of the will to produce a white wine by only using the varieties traditionally grown by the family. This wine is produced by softly pressing whole bunches with the utmost care to minimise skin contact and colour extraction. It is barrel fermented, aged in oak for 12 months. It’s a wine with unique characters, with great complexity and extraordinary longevity.

Verdicchio di Matelica (75cl) 2018 - Bisci


Matelica Verdicchio wine is obtained entirely from Verdicchio grapes . The grapes are harvested by hand and transported immediately to the cellar where they are pressed to separate the juice from the skins. The must is lowered in temperature and then sent to ferment controlling the temperature that never exceeds 20 ° C. All winery operations are aimed at enhancing the best features of the vine respecting the grapes. Verdicchio of Matelica is a vine that requires carefulness in the processing phases because of the sensitivity of the skin of its grape. It results in must and wine with high acidity and alcoholic richness that allow a remarkable longevity, rare feature of white wines.

Lamelle IGT Toscana Bianco 2017 (75cl) – Il Borro


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Lamelle has a straw-yellow colour, with slight golden reflections, the bouquet is full of fresh, white pulp fruit and tropical fruit scents, in addition to a slightly-spicy vanilla note. The taste is delicate, pleasant and fresh, with a marked mineral note.

Fruity and delightful on the palette, Lamelle is our youngest child, unique and exuberant and the only white amongst our wines. The climate and terroir at Il Borro would normally make producing white wine a challenge, but we always try to exceed expectations. The “Lamelle” is made from hand-picked Chardonnay grapes. The vendage is followed by a soft and delicate pressing and separation of the skins and the must. Alcoholic fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 16°C, 50% in new French casks and the remaining 50% in stainless-steel vats, and lasts for 8-10 days. The wine is subsequently blended and left to mature for a further two months in barrels. At the end of this period, the “Lamelle” wine is filtered and left for another two months in the bottle before being sold.

Zibibbo IGP Terre Siciliane 2017 (75cl) - Nino Gandolfo


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Zibibbo is suitable for producing a wine that is elegant, aromatic and mineral.

This wine has a straw yellow colour with intense and persistent citrus notes, white peach, wisteria and jasmine. In terms of taste, it is dry, wide, expertly balanced and soft. The aging take place in stainless steel vats for 4 months, it is completed in the bottle.

Grillo DOC Siciliane 2017 (75cl) - Nino Gandolfo


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% This well-made GR is a sunny wine that bursts of tropical scents (yellow melon, peach, pineapple), combined with -oral keys, and with a good base of acidity for a fascinating freshness.

Grillo is a white Italian wine grape variety that produces joyful, fruit-driven, fresh, aromatic wines, excellent to quench one’s thirst, a real fun wine. Sometimes you just can’t get enough of it… The grape withstands high temperatures and is widely used in Sicilian wine-making (in particular for making the best Marsala). The berries are medium large, spherical and yellow gold. In suitable soils the crop usually is plentiful. The variety is characterized by a higher sugar content compared to other white grapes, resulting in quite high alcohol, in addition to particular organoleptic properties. Although most people would prefer it young and fresh, Grillo also has aging capability.

IGT Bianco Macalla  (75cl)...
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IGT Bianco Macalla (75cl) - Società Agricola Zito

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A white wine intense and persistent, yield with fruit and red berry inkling and spicy. The taste is dry, warm, hardy and well persistent.

The Macalla was born from the whole of Gaglioppo grapes prince vineyard for the production of Cirò D.O.C., from the old Calabria vineyard Magliocco. It is a wine made with about 10 days long maceration at temperature of about 20°C, in order to extract the maximun fragrance, aroma and structure.This wine is excellent with hors d\'oeuvre, fish, delicate plates of Mediterranean cuisine

Ciró DOC Bianco NOSSIDE 2017 (75cl) - Società Agricola Zito


An intense and persistent white wine, with fruit (green apple) and flower (broom) scent. The taste is intence, harmonious and balanced

It is produced from the white wine-making of selected grapes from the Greco Bianco wine, with a soft pressing in horizontal pneumatic press. It ferments at a controlled temperature, not above 16-17°C, to let an high exaltation of scent. It is excellent with hors d\'oeuvre, fish, delicate plates of Mediterranean cuisine

Zaleuco Bianco IGT Calabria Mantonico 2017 (75cl) - Le Moire


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% A white with warm Mediterranean tones; it has flowery hints of bracken which blend with a soft, mellow fruitiness. A hint of mineral adds zest to its flavour.

The vines are situated at around 400m above sea level, on terraces that slope down to the Savuto river, surrounded by unpolluted woods. The “virgin” ecosystem and the wind that blows from the nearby Tyrrhenean Sea, safeguard the health of the vines and so minimise the use of agropharmaceuticals. Thermals from the nearby river intensify the aromas of the native cultivars. A south west exposure to evening sun slows down the ripening of the grapes. This softens the harshness that can sometimes be found in wines from the south. At the beginning of September, the grapes are picked by hand, destemmed and pressed in a single process. Then follows a static decanting at low temperature prior to removing the first dregs. Finally, a slow vinification at controlled temperature.

Lugana DOC - La Collina dei Ciliegi (750ml)
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Il Lugana DOC 2017 (75cl) - La Collina dei Ciliegi

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Lugana has a very intense bouquet yet elegant and well balanced. The palate is dry, fresh extremely pleasant.

Lugana wine was a white wine of old origin but almost unknown outside its small production area( the southern coast of lake Garda, on the border between two regions and two provinces: Lombardia and Veneto, Brescia and Verona). It has been discovered by wine lovers no more than 15-20 years ago and is now becoming more and more popular, in Italy and abroad. Thanks to its structure, Lugana is one of the few white wines that can age. A good Lugana wine can easily be stored for 4, 5 years, longer if aged in barrels before bottling it. You can find Lugana wine served as aperitif in all wine bars in Verona. It is also perfect with antipasti (typical Italian hors-oeuvres), cured meat, salami, fresh cheese. In lake Garda best restaurants it is often paired with lake trout, eel and coregone dishes. Ideal service temperature of 8/10° C (47/50°F).

Grechetto IGT Umbria 2017 (75cl) - Chiorri


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% You’ve heard of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling - but have you ever heard of Grechetto? Mmmm...It\'s time to try this incredibly refreshing white wine with its distinctive herbal and nutty flavours. One sip won\'t be enough!

Although Grechetto is a white grape variety that may well have originated in Greece, it is mostly known as a native of Umbria in central Italy. The Grechetto grape is low-yielding variety with a thick skin that in the past has only been used as part of a blend, but more recently has been growing in reputation as a stand-alone variety in its own right. It can also be used as an ingredient of Tuscany\'s iconic dessert wine Vin Santo, sitting alongside varieties such as Trebbiano and Malvasia. Best food pairing: ideal with fish, cheese or cured meat starters and pasta dishes. Excellent with boiled meat, pit-aged cheese ‘di fossa’ and chocolate. Or try with typical Umbria dishes like: cheese loaf with salami and cured pork, royal perch fillets from Lake Trasimeno.

Trentenare IGP Paestum Fiano 2017 (75cl) - San Salvatore


Intense wine, pale straw yellow in colour with greenish reflections. On the nose stand out floral notes, with slight hints of green apple and pear, hints of flowers including jasmine and broom. In the mouth it is savoury, almost salty.

Manual harvest in small plastic boxes. The grapes are de-stemmed and soft pressed, then brought to 4° C and criomacerated for 6 hours. After the fermentation in stainless steel vats at low temperature, is aged for 6 months on its lees.

Organic IGP Fiano Pian di Stio Paestum 2017 (75cl) - San Salvatore


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Hand-harvested, organically-grown Fiano grapes with a concentrated flavour.

Hand-harvested, organically-grown Fiano grapes are the ingredients for this exuberant wine. Cultivated at an altitude of 550 metres above sea level, the grapes slowly ripen in relatively cool conditions which help to concentrate flavours in the grapes.

Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC 2016 (75cl) - Bozen


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% One of the most popular South Tyrolean wines, with a fruity and floral flavour.

The "Traminer" has been known in German speaking areas as far back as the 13th century and today it ranges amongst one of the most popular South Tyrolean wines. As the name itself implies, the Gewürztraminer has its roots in the small village of Tramin. With the grapes growing on steep slopes that were carefully chosen by the chief winemaker himself, they yield a wine which seduces you with its intense fruitiness, full body and zesty richness. Highly aromatic with a scent of roses, it has fruity notes of lychee, grapefruit and lime as well as hints of orange and clove.

Pinot Grigio Veneto IGT 2018 (75cl) - Villa Sandi


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Fresh, subtle and fruity, this is Pinot Grigio at its very best.

An incredibly popular wine, well-known for its refreshing lightness, and for being the perfect accompaniment to a hot summer’s day. Marked by fruity and flowery notes that are reminiscent of the countryside in the summer, this Pinot Grigio has a dry, round and flavoursome taste that’s well-structured with a fruity, warm and well-balanced finish. A subtle, unobtrusive intensity of flavour, that is elegant, mineral and complex. There’s a reason this wine is an ever-popular crowd pleaser, and in the right hands, it can produce a revelation of a wine.

Pinot Grigio Veneto IGT 2017 (75cl) - La Collina dei Ciliegi


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Aromatic and fresh with a good structure.

An aromatic bouquet yet one that\'s simple and pleasant. A mild, fresh flavour with a nice minerality and good structure. Produced onlya short walk away from Lake Garda, this is a range of wines that aren\'t complicated yet still taste great.

Chardonnay Venezia IGT 2018 (75cl) - Villa Sandi


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Fresh, lively and smooth in the mouth with a fruity and flowery aroma. Well structured with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

White wine with a pale straw-yellow colour and greenish glints, the fragrance is typically floreal and fine while the palate is tasty, harmonious and persistent.

Chardonnay Veneto IGT 2017 (75cl) - La Collina dei Ciliegi


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Fruity, with a pleasingly smooth and mineral structure.

The nose, after a brief oxygenation, reveals a rich and fruity bouquet, with a pleasingly smooth and mineral structure. Produced onlya short walk away from Lake Garda, this is a range of wines that aren\'t complicated yet still taste great.