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Lactose-free Orange Panettone (750g) - Pan'Agrumato


The most famous Italian Christmas Panettone cake made with sourdough (lievitomadre) and ingredients of first choice. This is a top-quality panettone without butter, lactose and milk derivates: it is replaced with Agrumato olive oil. Because of these reasons, Pan\'agrumato is highly digestive and has a low cholesterol content.

Very innovative product by the Ricci family. They were the first ever to use citrus fruits in combination with the oils. So that, they created the name "Agrumato" to define the range of various condiments. Their tastes give us a jubilation of sensation and a healthy sensation. Pan\'Agrumato with Orange is realized substituting the butter with the Agrumato Extra Virgin Oils. This is a very original dessert, delicious and soft with an inimitable taste. The fragrances of the citrus fruits, the oil and of the raisins create a top quality Christmas cake.

Classic Panettone (1kg) - Loison


A yellow soft and fragrant dough enriched with sultana raisins and candied oranges peel from Sicily: nothing more than the traditional ingredients for a superb classic Panettone.

To make such soft and delicate confections, that yield the same fragrance that artisan bakeries can produce, takes special ingredients, a slow and natural rising process, gradual cooling and patience, because good things cannot be rushed. Something that not all businesses can accomplish. Tradition is the main ingredient and Passion is what heats the ovens: Loison has been creating signature confections for three generations and it has bring them to tables across the world.

Aragostine filled with Hazelnut cream (150g) - Di Forti


An Italian Specialty, a Flaky Pastry in the Shape of a Lobster Tail, Filled with Hazelnuts Chocolate Cream and Dusted with Icing Sugar.

A’ sfogliatella, sometimes called a lobster tail in English, is a shell-shaped filled Italian pastry native to Campania. Sfogliatella means "small, thin leaf/layer", as the pastry\'s texture resembles stacked leaves. In this case filled with delicious hazelnuts chocolate cream.

Sicilian Cannoli White Chocolate (150g) - Di Forti


Little tube shape fried pastry from Sicily stuffed with white chocolate cream

Why not spoil yourself with the most famous dessert of Sicily, cannoli! Made with delicious fried pastry dough, these tube shaped shells are filled with wonderful white chocolate cream and dusted with sweet icing sugar. Enjoy this Sicilian delicacy with a hot cup of coffee or tea.