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"Fiore Sardo" Pecorino DOP (100g) - Cossu


Hard cheese rich in flavour, aged for 6 months. DOP* certified.

"Fiore Sardo" Pecorino DOP is a cheese made using the ancient techniques of Sardinian shepherds. According to tradition, full-fat raw sheep\'s milk is matured for 6 months to create a hard cheese wonderfully rich in flavour, with a caramel sweetness, a salty tang and just a slight hint of nuttiness. *DOP: DOP is short for Denominazione di Origine Protetta (literally “Protected Designation of Origin”). This certification ensures that products are locally grown and packaged, using traditional method. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Pit Aged Cheese (300g) - L'Antica Cascina


This pit-aged cheese has a unique history and a delicate, sweet yet slightly spicy taste.

The technique for making formaggio di fossa dates back to the 15th century, and involves "burying" the cheese in ditch-like caves - fosse. The cheese matures around 60/70 days before being placed in these pits, which are also lined with straw. The pit remains closed for 90 days, meaning that the oxygen available to the cheese is limited, and thus anaerobic fermentation occurs. Recent studies on the product have shown that the cheese has many health benefits including a significant difference in the amount of pathogenic germs it carries, as well as greater digestibility due to bacteria that break dow fats and bring out the spicy flavours and typical pungent smell of aged cheeses. This is certainly one of Italy\'s most delicious cheeses: the flavour is delicate, almost sweet, and then becomes more spicy, with a slightly bitter aftertaste and an earthy odour. It adds a delicious twist to a variety of meals and is a true taste of Italy\'s culture. Try it in regional soups like cappelletti or grated over pasta, although it\'s also great on its own, paired with a little honey or balsamic vinegar, and perhaps a some bread or piadina. This version is made with both cow and sheep\'s milk.

"Mini Tartufaio" Truffle Cheese (460g) - L'Antica Cascina


* Exp. Date 25/01/2020 *

Cheese and truffle combined together makes for a strong flavour that needs no accompaniment.

Made from cow\'s and sheep\'s milk, this semi-hard cheese will disappear very quickly once opened. Truffle and cheese is simple, yet luxurious and the earthy, mineral aroma of the truffle is perfectly married to the deep, grassy flavour of sheep\'s milk. Its strong, distinctive flavour makes this truffle cheese the ideal product for those who love the flavours of Italy, and goes well as part of antipasti, where it can reap all the attention.