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Mortadella with Pistachios Siced (80g) - ArtigianQuality


Genuine melt-in-your-mouth Mortadella with pistachios, freshly sliced. Bologna’s signature salume, with a rich taste and a tender texture.

Mortadella is not just a salume, but rather an institution. Hailing from the food rich town of Bologna, Romans apparently used to grind pork with spices in a mortar. The term mortar gets its name from the Latin word murtatum (which means ground meat in a mortar), and is often thought to be the origin of the word mortadella. These days, traditional mortadella is still made from finely minced pork, using traditional techniques and high quality ingredients. The addition of Pistachios up the ante to ultimate indulgence. Try these thinly sliced pieces with some fresh sourdough bread and a slice of Pecorino cheese. Life won\'t be the same anymore... This product comes in vacuum pack.

Bresaola from Chianina Cow Sliced (80g) - Fontetto


Pre-sliced. Aged for 2-3 months, lean, salted beef with a sweet, peppery aroma.

Salted and air-dried just like a salami but made from a single muscle of beef, this bresaola has been aged for two to three months until hard and a dark red, almost purpley colour. A lean and tender cured meat with a sweet, peppery perfume, Bresaola originated in Valtellina, a valley in the Alps of northern Italy\'s Lombardy region, although it\'s now produced in many other regions in northern Italy. This version is made from 100% Chianina cow, the Rolls-Royce of cow breeds, and comes sliced, for easy use. Add to a rocket and artichoke salad or enjoy as part of an aperitivo. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Carne Salada from Chianina cow sliced (100g) - Fattoria Fontetto


Pre-sliced. Organic, from grass-fed local cow breeds that makes a soft and mellow carpaccio-like meat.

Carne Salada, which literally translates to "salted meat", is a delicacy of Trentino that is now produced all over Italy. Here at Fattoria Fontetto it\'s produced organically from grass-fed local cow breeds that makes a soft and mellow carpaccio-like meat. The ability to know the best cuts and balance between ingredients, as well as the expert trimming skills and massaging of the meat during salting are all key factors to producing the best Carne Salada, and Fattoria Fontetto certainly ticks all the boxes. Best served sliced on a chopping board as an aperitivo, with a drizzle of olive oil and some black pepper.

Classic Mortadella *Slow Food sliced (80g) - ArtigianQuality


A classic Mortadella Bologna like you won\'t find around.

Mortadella is not just a salume, but rather an institution. It has been (badly) copied and you can find all sort of good and bad mortadellas around the world. This is the genuine, artisan, healthy version that you won´t find around. So you can fully abandon to it, guilt free (or almost!). Try it with our Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months and few drops of Balsamic vinegar for the ultimate "stuzzichino". This product comes in vacuum pack.

Garlic Salame sliced (80g) - La Glacere


This salami is cured with fresh chopped garlic, which gives it a distinctive flavour. It\'s great on pizza, for sandwiches and also delicious on its own as a cold meat or when served with apple and sweet pickle.

Typical Friulian salami, obtained from the finest cuts of pork. When cut, a smooth, compact slice, from coarse grinding. The taste and aroma are enhanced by the right balance between garlic, wine, salt and black pepper. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Finest Italian Cheese & Cured Meat Platter (480g)


A great selection of our best Italian cheeses and cured meats ready to eat! Pair these delicacies with a glass of Prosecco and fresh bread for the best result.

Included in this cheese & cured meat platter (for 2 people - vacuum packed) you will find: Truffle cheese (80gr); Gorgonzola DOP dolce blue cheese (80gr); Pecorino Romano (80gr); Mortadella with Pistachios (80gr); Schiacchiata spicy salami (80gr); Speck IGP (80gr); *As all of our products are made in very small batches in Italy, we may occasionally run out. If this is the case, we will replace it with something just as appetising and equal in value.

'Nduja Spicy Spreadable Salami (450g) - Suppa


A palate invading, sensory addictive fiery pork paste from Calabria. It\'s the must have ingredient for a bit of a kick!

Nduja is a unique salume from Calabria: a soft spreadable salami obtained from selected pork meat, flavoured with top quality chili, matured and smoked in a natural way. The strange name is related to the French andouille and, though nduja is also packed into that rather worrying lower end of the gut to form its singular shape, it has nothing to do with the much more polarising (and let\'s face it, poopy) andouillette. Thinly spread on toasted bread, on pizza, used as a base for a stew or in a pasta dish with shellfish or stuffed squid, it spreads its rich flavour and tingling spiciness in the subtlest way right into the part of the brain that stores the best memories of food. You will want more.

Halal Beef Spicy Nduja Spreadable Salami (400g) - Suppa


Soft spreadable spicy salami made from selected halal-certified beef, flavoured with top quality chilli pepper, aged and smoked naturally.

All Salumificio Suppa products are good for appetisers and starters or in the preparation of delicious and exquisite recipes that exalt their flavours.They are always looking for genuine meat whose origins are controlled and certified, using only basic ingredients as the traditional family recipe wants. A perfect gift for all the halal salumi lovers!

Halal Beef Sweet Soppressata (350g) - Suppa


A perfectly seasoned but not too spicy soppressata made with certified beef meat. This is great with mozzarella on a panino, or on an antipasto platter.

One of the noblest traditional Calabrian cured meats, the raw ingredient used is halal-certified beef, in a sweet version, then stuffed into natural casings, aged and smoked naturally.

Halal Beef Spicy Soppressata with Truffle aroma (350g) - Suppa


A certified beef salami, with an exceptional harmony among the Calabrian spiciness, the sweetness of the meat - typical of well-seasoned products - and the delicate aroma of black truffles. Surprise your guests with a unique product!

One of the noblest traditional Calabrian cured meats, the raw ingredient used is halal-certified beef, minced, with truffle and spicy flavourings, then stuffed into natural casings, aged and smoked naturally.

Halal Beef Spicy Flat Pancetta (80g) - Suppa


Tired of the classic Pancetta and looking for new flavours? It\'s time to try the beef spicy pancetta!

The Pancetta Arrotalata is a cured meat obtained from the cow’s belly. The meat is salted for a short period of time, then washed in running water, preserved with pepper and natural flavourings, aged and smoked naturally. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Spicy Salsiccia Salami (360g) - Suppa


Small and spicy, this is perfect for picnics, or to add colour to a charcuterie plate. Great with bread or in pasta sauces cut in cubes or as a pizza topping.

This is a medium spicy salami prepared according to Suppa traditional Calabrian recipe, using local national shoulder pork pulp, minced with chilly and salt only, stuffed into natural casings, matured and smoked in a natural way.

Spicy Schiacciata Salami sliced (80g) - Suppa


When cut, the sweet fragrance of chili pepper and paprika can be perceived, combined with the scent of the small deli artisan shops and balsamic notes. The taste opens sweet and the gradually improves and closes with strong spicy hints, still not invasive.

A dry Italian sausage made in the traditional manner for this salami with an oblong and flattened shape. Schiacciata salami may be seasoned with sweet ingredients or spicy ingredients to provide a sweet mellow flavour or a "piccante" spiced taste. The raw material used is the typical local pork thigh, minced with or without flavourings and characterized by a spicy flavour. Looking at the slice, the low-fat and fat parts, cut with the knife, can be clearly distinguished. The colour tends to brick red and the shape is typically flattened. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Prosciutto San Daniele DOP sliced (80g) - La Glacere


San Daniele Prosciutto is a fine ham, unique for its sweet and delicate taste. It can be considered Italy\'s most precious type of Italian charcuterie along side with the Prosciutto di Parma.

Prosciutto di San Daniele is produced only in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The secret to its famously good taste? The exceptional micro climate here in the hilly area around the town of San Daniele, where winds blow down from the Alps to meet the breezes coming in from the Adriatic Sea. This optimum environment and age-old maturing techniques combine to give Prosciutto di San Daniele its natural trademark taste and texture, which keeps perfectly without requiring any preservatives. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Sweet Soppressata (350g) - Suppa


Rich and with a sweet flavour, this is a gourmet option for sweet meat fans.

A coarse ground salame with rich ingredients, crisp flavour and a smooth, clean finish. It is made with high-quality meat from domestic pigs, which, according to tradition, is smoked with the fumes of oak firewood and seasoned raw. Lactose-free and gluten-free, this is a quality piece of meat that doesn\'t rely on the addition of anything but pure meat and herbs. Sweet Soppressata is an excellent meat for sandwiches or on a pizza.

Prosciutto di Parma (80g) - Bedogni


The highest quality Prosciutto ham from Parma, Emilia Romagna.

The natural landscape of Parma, a hilly setting with salty, fresh winds from the sea, combined with the age-old curing techniques provide prosciutto with its distinct sweet and nutty flavour. Delicious served as it is, or with slivers of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Interesting pairing with buffalo mozzarella. Also try it with fruit, melon or figs. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Speck (80g) - Bedogni


Speck is a smoked cured ham with a distinctive flavour.

Speck represents well the character of Alto Adige’s cuisine —a delightful and nuanced merging of Northern European and Mediterranean traditions. The characteristic aroma is a result of being lightly, slowly and naturally smoked over a beech wood fire and mature for at least 6 months. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Guanciale (80gr) - Bedogni


Guanciale is a cut of meat from the throat of the pig salted with herbs and spices, before leaving it to mature for about 3 months.

A deli meat with a characteristically dense consistency. A classic ingredients for two main Italian-recipes: Amatriciana and Carbonara pasta. Also try it with polenta or with truffle. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Salame Felino PGI (80g) - Bedogni


The most typical salami of Parma\'s hilly region.

The product is made by filling pork into natural casing and matured it in the characteristic microclimate of this area. Perfect as appetizer or with rustic bread and a lightly sparkling red wine. Cut it diagonally to enjoy the dense, soft pork filling, intense aroma and unmistakable savoury flavour. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Salame Milano (80g) - Bedogni


It is an original salami produced in the region of Milan, using pork, pepper and various spices. Soft texture and pleasantly mild taste.

This salami is prepared according with to a traditional recipe using meat that has been finely minced to the consistency of rice grains. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Roast Turkey Breast (80g) - Bedogni


Made using only whole turkey breast from male birds reared in Italy, carefully selected.

These turkey breasts are processed by hand and cooked for 12 hours in two phases to guarantee optimum sliceability and enhanced aroma and taste. Recommended for athletes and anyone who pays attention to what they eat. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Cooked Ham (80g) - Bedogni


A very aromatic but delicately flavored dry-cured ham. It\'s excellent when thinly sliced for use as deli sandwich meat or as a nice complement to a main dish or as a pizza topping!

Prosciutto cotto literally means cooked ham in Italian. It is the most commonly used deli product in Italy. It is also very low in sodium. The uses of the prosciutto cotto are as many as the uses of ham with sandwiches and pizzas being most common. Lactose-free and Gluten-free! This product comes in vacuum pack.

Salamino Ghiottolino (180g) - Bedogni


Product made from minced cuts of pork from heavy Po Valley pigs (whole bellies, ham trimmings, shoulder), cured with salt and spices before being stuffed into natural “torto bovino” beef casing. After being filled into casings, the product is left to dry for around 48 hours, before being left to mature in the factory for at least 15 days.

Eat at different maturation stages depending on personal taste (softer and creamy after a short maturation, drier with more intense aromas and flavours after advanced maturation). Cut into slices around 2-3 mm thick and remove the casing before consuming. Eat a few minutes after slicing, to encourage the typical flavours to emerge. Restricted consumption is recommended for those on low-calorie diets or who suffer from high blood pressure, due to the presence of saturated fatty acids and high salt content. There are no restrictions to the use of this product for those sensitive to the presence of allergenic substances (as defined by current legislation), due to the lack of these substances in both the ingredients and the finished product.

Bresaola Punta d'Anca (80g) - Bedogni


With under 3% fat and high energy and proteins, Bresaola is the deli meat of choice for athletes and people who love to stay healthy.

Bresaola is obtained from a muscular cut of meat from the cow\'s haunch, which is trimmed and salted before being left to dry and mature. This product comes in vacuum pack.