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Moka J-Enne is one of the first coffee shops opened in Italy at the end of the '800 century, representing an irreplaceable legacy of artisan culture and manufacturing excellence. Moka J-Enne is now part of the Unione Imprese Storiche Italiane, a union of historical Italian companies which are fine examples of ‘Made in Italy’ and have proved long-running and reliable, with at least 100 years of uninterrupted and ethically sound business. 

It was in 1878 that Jacopo Niccolai begun running the food shop where he previously worked as an errand boy; soon after he bought the whole place. The shop was located on the Piazza del Duomo in Pistoia. Despite the fact that, at the time, coffee was a rather rare product, Jacopo began producing renowned coffee blends, which he created by roasting Arabica coffee, from countries far away. Furthermore, the roasting machines used at the time, generally using coal, were also quite a rarity. Then, during the inter-war period, coffee became a more widely-consumed and a more significant product. Thus this food store in Pistoia, which in the meantime had also become a lab for making spirits, became a destination for buyers in nearby areas, from the mountains for example. In the post-war period, the company began supply their services to homes. This was an added value for Moka J-Enne and allowed for a further, significant, development in the following period. Now the Pistoiese coffee shop is part of the Unione delle Imprese Storiche Italiane, which brings together Italian companies, of excellence, which have been operational for at least 100 years, with their history documented, and have clearly demonstrated ethical values.

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